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Radiant Showers

Supreme Framed Showers.

  • Our classic Supreme Framed Shower range is the ideal shower enclosure for any bathroom. The solid aluminum frames, offer a superior seal and are great for Steam Showers.

    These consist of aluminum frames glazed with 5mm clear toughened safety glass.

    The aluminum is usually white powder coated or 'Satin finished' natural anodized. We can also offer various other colours, such as bronze.

    The door incorporates a magnetic strip closing mechanism, which ensures a positive closing action. This alleviates the need for latches, which may require replacement in the future.

    This system is especially suitable for a steam shower enclosure due to the very good sealing action.

Steam Showers.

  • Both our Regal Frameless and Supreme Framed shower enclosures can be designed and manufactured to create steam showers. This includes the installation of either a sloped glass roof, or the installation of an insulated waterproof fiberglass ceiling panel.

    We are agents for Steamflo steam generators, which are made in Cape Town. This is in our opinion, the most suitable system for our local conditions.

    These systems are exported to the EU and conform to SABS IEC 2335/1 and EN 5005/1. For more information about Steamflo, visit their website at www.steamflo.com

    The size of the steam enclosure determines the size of the steam generator.

    There are various options with on/off switches, digital control systems, temperature sensors depending on the client's individual requirements.

    It is advisable to plan the installation of a steam shower at the design stage of a home as there are various plumbing and electrical requirements that must be done prior to the commencement of tiling in that area.

    Radiant Showers will liaise with the main contractor, plumber and electrical contractor to ensure that our requirements are installed timeously and according to our needs.

Regal Frameless Showers.

  • Our Regal Frameless Shower range is an ideal shower enclosure solution for the modern and classic bathroom. The floating glass panels will help create the illusion of more space in any bathroom.

    We use only 8mm & 10mm clear bright polished toughened safety glass, which conforms to SABS 1263.

    All fittings and hardware are a combination of polished stainless steel and chrome plated solid brass.

    In some instances we have to include a retainer bar, which adds the required stability and strength.

    All our silicone sealing is done using Dow Corning anti-fungal clear silicone.

Custom Enclosures.

  • At Radiant we are always ready to try something new. Designing custom enclosures such as one with a separate toilet and shower section, are just the type of challenge we enjoy. As of late the trend of frameless glass enclosures for wine cellars are becoming a popular option. Show off your wine collection, by installing one of our trendsetting designs.

    Precision engineering of steel and glass are paramount in these types of solutions.